YOU MAY HAVE A HARNESS, BUT DOES IT FIT RIGHT? Let's get real. When it comes to your harness, everyone should care about having their individualized fit. The 3D Fit Technology is all about the right fit. It keeps you riding longer, protects your back for the years to come and gives you extra confidence on the water.


Discover MAX_FLEX our innovative fabric offering the s t r e c h i e s t Wetsuit we ever made

Write Your Own Chapter

This series of episodes is meant to encourage you to join our journey. Everyone’s story is unique. So is every chapter of the series. We explore, we go on adventures, we seek thrill, we fail but then succeed and set out to inspire others. Whether on the trails, in the water or in the air, every chapter addresses one of these attributes.


Feel the future - The coldest water and harshest winds suddenly don’t seem too daunting anymore. Seek & Amaze Select’s Graphene_Plush consist of fully graphene-coated polyester. Opposed to market standards that means 100% graphene coating – don’t settle for less!
ION Water_Spareparts_Hook Harness

Spectre Bar

Are you ready for the next level of comfort and control?

Core Boardbags

Don't turn lineups into landfills. Whatever board you ride, whether you go for a daytrip or want to bring your whole quiver – we’ve got you covered.

Quicklock hook

The patent-pending lightweight Aluminum Quicklock Hook is our newest revolutionary take on kite hooks. Enhanced safety eliminating the risk of releasing the kite by accident.
ION Water Breathholding Course

Breathholding course

Kyron Rathbone - Big Wave Surfer and Freediver from Tasmania shows us in this little series how to enhance your breathholding and bulletproof your skills under water.