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Alex Volokhov


Nelson, British Columbia / Canada

Date of Birth

Favorite Trail
Gnarly Daniels in Nelson BC

Favorite line
Scrub & Shelter

»What I like about ION: The functionality of all the gear while retaining great style. High grade products that last and look good!«

— Alex Volokhov
ION Bike Alex Volokhov Shelter Jacket Hybrid Backcountry MTB
ION Bike Alex Volokhov Freeride Shelter Jacket Hybrid
Alex Volokhov Freeride Kicker Shelter Jacket Hybrid
ION Bike Alex Volokhov Backcountry Freeride Shelter Jacket 3L

Favorite products

Outerwear Shelter Jacket Hybrid unisex - 811 crimson earth
2 Colors

MTB Jacket Shelter Hybrid

Insulating & flexible, sustainable materials

€123.49 €189.99

Outerwear Shelter Pants 4W Softshell men - 792 indigo dawn
3 Colors

Men MTB Pants 4W Softshell

Water-repellent & flexible, reinforced areas

€110.49 €169.99

Knee Pads K-Pact unisex - 811 crimson earth
3 Colors

MTB Knee Pads K-Pact

Heavy-impact protection for enduro/downhill


Shoes Seek unisex - 010 aop
3 Colors

MTB Flat Pedal Shoes Seek

Versatile, ultimate grip


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